Student Testimonies


Andrew Stringer, Holy Session writes...

In my first couple of weeks at the War College, I have been truly challenged about my relationship with God and the way I have lived my life in the past in general. God has called my wife and I to a life of simplicity, a proven method in reaching the lost and broken-hearted in communities.

I have heard people say I must be nuts to live among the drug addicts, prostitutes, poor, homeless and those people generally rejected by society. All I can say is that I really feel at home here, and in the place where we as the Salvation Army were raised up to be!

One thing I can guarantee is you will develop a much deeper relationship with God at the War College. You will also experience authentic Christian Community within the poorest postal code in North America.

If you are up for a challenge that will change your life forever, I suggest you come to The War College. If not, I suggest you come anyway, as God will do a work in and through you, more than you could have ever imagined!

Kath Walker, Holy Session writes...

My 1st week at the war college was a week of new experiences. Though I had read through the web site a number of times before coming, I left Australia with no real tangible idea of what the war college is. Doing something without knowing all the details and particulars in quite out of character for me and to steep out in faith so much and just do what God told me, to such a big degree was a first for me.

Walking the streets and within 60 seconds having two people offer to sell me drugs was also a 1st for me. I'd never been to a place that had such open drug use, selling, and prostitution. Or had I seen such poverty at such proximity, let alone live in the slums. Yet despite all this, I felt instantly at home. My 1st morning in Vancouver when I was walking around (jet lag had me up nice an early) and getting a feel for the place, I was shocked to see the contrast of walking 2-3 block. I walked from the slums right into two tourist attractions, Gas town and China Town.

The 1st week was also my 1st time of living with and studding with other Christians. As someone who has been Christian for just lest the 2 years, I often find myself intimidated by other Christians. Though I've been studying Theology by correspondence, I'm finding so many blessing in studying and doing hands on ministry, and learning things I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn anywhere ells. In one way I can't wait for the year to be over, because I'm impatience to find out what God has in store for us, all the things He is going to teach us.


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