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Purpose: To train warriors to win the world for Jesus.

Martyrs Session- September 2004
Part Time Training option  &  Competitive Rugby Stream also available

Modus Operandi: residential deployment training

The War College Board of Reference features established leaders from around the world. These people offer input into the composition and operation of The War College. The Board consists of General Eva Burrows, Stacey Campbell, Wesley Campbell, Commissioners Shaw Clifton, Wesley Harris, and Phil Needham, Lieutenant-Colonel Don Copple, Dr. David Demian, and Major Chick Yuill.

While the War remains the same, the third millennium has introduced a myriad of changes to the nature of the battles we face. Soldiers require training to face these old enemies in new garb with an effective Godly response. This School honours our heritage while establishing a legacy for the next generation.

The War College is located in gorgeous Vancouver, nestled between the towering moutains and the vast Pacific Ocean. Ranked this March as the world's second best city for the second consecutive year, Vancouver is a dream destination for people from all over the world.

People descend on Vancouver in hordes, in searching for the good life. Tragically, many of these people fall through the cracks, as the world's promises of 'the good life' fail to live up to expectations. The marginalized people end up in the downtown eastside, the neighbourhood of The War College.

Trappings of luxury are eerily juxtaposed with homelessness, wide open drug traffic and use, and prostition. What an excellent location to invest a year of your life in training and fighting the Holy War!    eastside living, among the people, close to the bone.

article from The Globe & Mail about Vancouver

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The provincial motto is Splendour Without Diminishment. The BC licence plate says 'supernatural'. We trust that God will provide incoming students both a taste of and appetite for splendour without diminishment and the endorsement of the supernatural.

One year, including two four-month semesters and one four-month deployment.

Post-modern: 1. some of the teaching will be in pods, not taught throughout the year, once a week (e.g. one intense week);
2. students will do some of the teaching (we will midrash);
3. learning will be intertwined with warfare- praxis will be a keyword- we will teach and learn a lot by doing and debriefing. In other words, the learning will have to be grounded in the warfare;
4. We will engage the culture in our teaching and learning (for example, 'God at the movies' and other cultural windows will be staples);
5. students will be living on location (slum brothers and sisters) and will daily live in community, not only within The War College, but, to some extent, with those in the neighbourhood.

Costs are $5,500/year, including tuition, books, room, and board.

Living Arrangements:
Downtown eastside living, among the people, close to the bone.

The War College faculty will represent the edge of Salvationism, bringing experience in primitive salvationism and real warfare to bear on eager recruits. Please see The War College faculty page for details.

Primitive Salvationism is the only proven brand to accomplish our world-winning mission. Curricular framework is a three-pronged attack consisting of Spiritual Basics, Spiritual Disciplines, and Spiritual Warfare. Various SA training school leaders around the world are currently in dialogue towards the possibility of agreeing on curricula standards and associating in order to accredit the training courses. Intense study will be validated and saturated by live-fire combat.

Part-Time Training
There is now a part-time option for The War College. Part-time students select core basics each term. They will not be required to live in residence. The application process is the same (see admissions- and note that you are applying for the part-time option). The cost is adjusted accordingly (which is either training only or training and meals). They have access to most War College scheduled events.

Core Basics include:
- one major course/term
- one brigade activity
- squad participation weekly
- one War Room shift/week

Competitive Rugby Stream (Vancouver)     Rugby is just the tool...

Rugby player and coach Michael Collins, also on The War College faculty, will be leading the new Competitive Rugby Stream (Vancouver War College) starting in September 2015. Qualified and accepted candidates will live in community in a new Burnaby campus, training physically there, and training spiritually with their HOLY TERROR session mates in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. They will be directly involved in the burgeoning Bible Thumpers Rugby Club ministry.

Those who attend the rugby stream of War College will be full time War College students. This stream is led by Michael Collins, TWC faculty and player/coach.

The goals for this stream are to win the world for Jesus, produce fruit-bearing disciples, end all suffering, and increase suburban corps partnership with urban ministry.

This stream will focus on intense Discipleship and cross-context evangelism. (urban-suburban). They will attend all classes in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and be involved in urban street ministry.

All members will play and coach rugby during their time in War College. They will affiliate with Bible Thumper Rugby Club and their varied outreach ministries. (This includes competitive rugby First and 2nd division )

They will also:
- Live in community in Cariboo Hill area of Burnaby in a discipleship home
- Be involved in outreach to non-believers in Cariboo Hill community. This will take many forms including- Help coach rugby at high school and mini rugby level (Coaching training will be provided if necessary), after school programs, tutoring, helping run radio show at local university.
- Help facilitate suburban corps involvement in sports ministries as an outreach
- Help suburban corps connect with urban corps ministry. Other than just Cariboo Hill
- Their placements during the summer would be to help other corps/ministries in Canada, and infiltrate local rugby clubs with the gospel and the presence of Christ (The rest of Canada plays rugby during the summer).

For more information on this exciting new development, contact info@thewarcollege.com


Further Information and Application:

Email Capt. Stephen Court for further information

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