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The War College Memorial Scholarships are designed to honour our history and ensure our legacy. Named after greathearts who have gone before, War College Memorial Scholarships are available for qualified, accepted students to help defray costs of school.

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The War College Memorial Scholarships

We're grateful to donors who have established The War College Memorial Scholarships.  (some have chosen to remain anonymous) This is a list in progress. Please visit again to see new fellowships as they are added.

Bramwell Tripp International Fellowship

Bramwell Tripp attended the Bangor Corps when his parents were the Corps Officers. While in Bangor, he fulfilled his Christian service through the Bangor Corps, involved in many corps activities. Bramwell later became an officer, rose to the rank of Commissioner, and led his own USA Eastern Territory until retiring in Northern New England. Until his last day, he was often heard asking about the Bangor Corps and expressing his real desire to see the corps remain successful in growth and winning souls.
The Bramwell Tripp International Fellowship is awarded to a worthy student who has displayed a burning desire to learn all (s)he can to better reach his/her own generation for Christ.

David William Waugh Memorial Fellowship

In memory of David William Waugh (1935-1992). A sinner saved by grace, David Waugh was a warm, kind, generous man whose life quietly and consistently exemplified the three-fold virtues of faith, hope and charity.
Born in Montreal, he attended Westmount High School and McGill University. After graduation, he taught History and coached football at R.J. Rennie High School in Montreal. Moving to Toronto in 1967, he taught History and International Politics at Newtonbrook Secondary School and was active with sports and extra-curricular programs including student counselling and bible studies. His ability to meaningfully relate to students and young people was also evident in his leadership of Christian youth groups and Sunday School programs - seeking always to share his personal faith in Christ and the joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment his faith had brought him.
In his family life, he was a devoted son, husband and father. In his community, Christian fellowship and workplace, he was a teacher, pastor and moral compass to many.

Grace Whitlock Dyce Fellowship

The second oldest of 12 children, Grace Jennie Whitlock was born to Lillian and Gilbert Whitlock in Toronto on July 23rd, 1914. Theirs was a very close family. Her mother and father were both Salvation Army soldiers and they brought up their children in a home filled with love and discipline and Christian ideals.
Outside of church Grace was very active in guiding, and was also a very dedicated and competitive sprinter. She was good enough to qualify for the Olympic trials, but unfortunately her employer would not give her the time off to attend, and so she missed the opportunity of perhaps competing in the Olympics.
Grace married John Alexander (Jack) Dyce and the two of them grew together in their faith in Christ- a faith that carried her through tough times of illness and family crises. She was a good wife and a loving mother of six - always ready to listen and to love - her children, her grandchildren and anyone else in need.
Grace was promoted to glory March 18, 1997.

Horace Gwyn Roberts Memorial Fellowship

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Horace Roberts (1905-1992), one of 13 children, early on was influenced greatly by evangelist David Lloyd George; and by a brother who served in India and returned with wonderful stories. Consequently, Horace emigrated to Canada as a young man, joined The Salvation Army in Moncton and later became an innovative evangelist.. In 1935 he married Ena Parsons and together they served in corps and administrative posts, and for several years as itinerant preachers, touted as 'The Welsh Evangelists'.
He and his wife have left a legacy of saved, and sanctified people from their combined 85 years of active officership, and mentored scores of young people towards Christian service. As parents and grandparents they delighted in their family's Christian expression of living. Colonel Roberts would be thrilled with the concept of The War College.

Mad Munn Scholarship

Adjutant Harry Munn, popularly known as 'Mad Munn', was a colourful Salvation Army pioneer who used all means necessary to save some. His passion and faith were used for God's glory and still evoke conviction among those who carry on in his footsteps. Note the zeal from some of his memoirs:
"How do I get hold of the crowds? I go down to the places where they are. I see them in their darkness and drunkenness and immorality - vast crowds of humanity rotting and dying in their sinful abominations. I hear their oaths and curses, and their filthy conversations one with another, until sometimes I almost imagine myself in Hell. [...] Then, with my heart overwhelmed with the thought of the sights I have seen, and with the cries of the perishing in my ears, I wait on God for an inspiration as to what I am to do. I expect Him to suggest the best plan for me to use in getting the attention of this people. Sometimes it is to preach in my coffin, or preach in sackcloth; or go through the streets in rags, or some other extraordinary methods to make people think. Whatever it is, I settle with my Christ that I will do it."
Members of the Munn clan from four countries have established the Mad Munn Scholarship in honour of the Adjutant's great warfare and in hopes of extending the anointing to the current generation.

Accepted students will automatically be considered for available and appropriate scholarships.

The War College Memorial Scholarships - Opportunity for Participation

The War College Memorial Scholarship Programme provides an excellent opportunity to honour our heritage and preserve our legacy.

Individuals, congregations, and divisions establish a scholarship in the name of a pioneer greatheart or noble warrior of our past.

A full scholarship is $5,000 Cdn and covers tuition, books, room, and food for the full year of study.

Partial scholarships vary between $500 and $5,000 Cdn.

There are opportunities to establish larger scholarships that might include plane fare and related travel costs for third world or other foreign students.

Donors provide a short biogrpahy of the person after whom the scholarship is named. They also have the option of establishing conditions for the choice of recipient. In return, the donor receives a receipt (tax-deductible in Canada).

For more information, please contact Captain Stephen Court at info@thewarcollege.com.


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