We are recruiting martyrs!

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We're recruiting martyrs...

In the late 1940's, college-aged Christians gathered each summer at the Forest Home Conference Centre, east of Los Angeles. There, challenged by the Holy Spirit, they consecrated themselves in the 'Fellowship of the Burning Heart'. The fruit of this fellowship is counted in the tens of millions of souls. The Fellowship included Henrietta Mears, Billy Graham, Bill Bright, and Richard Halverson, among others.

In the early third millennium college-aged Christians are gathering each year at The War College in Vancouver, Canada. There, challenged by the Holy Spirit, they are consecrating themselves to the mission of world conquest.

What will be the fruit? What will be the impact?

The Salvation Army 614 Vancouver presents The War College: a primitive salvationist, residential training school to equip warriors to win the world for Jesus.

Duration: 12 months
     ...which includes three teaching semesters and one placement

Location: Vancouver's downtown eastside - North America's poorest postal code


The War College of The Salvation Army
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