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September 20, 2018- We're updated our academic integrity policy.

May 12-14, 2015- Major Janet Munn led the Martyrs session in FULLNESS, a prayer and fasting retreat.

May 7, 2015- Captain John Evans (Australia THQ) taught the Martyrs sesson on the dance of evangelism.

March 18, 2015- Due to Visa requirements, the deadline for applications from Africa and the Indian subcontinent for the 2015/2006 Holy Terror session has now passed. Prospective students from these regions can check in October 2015 about applying for the 2006/2007 session.

February 8, 2015- The War College is pleased to announce the Competitive Rugby Stream of Vancouver campus, opening in September 2015, under the leadership of Michael Collins. Interested applicants should note their rugby qualifications in the regular application.
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January 26-27, 2015- Patricia King taught The Martyrs Session Extreme Prophetic.

January 17-22, 2015- Major Doug Burr from Bangor, Maine taught The Martyrs Session Spiritual Warfare and the Apostolic.  He also undertook personal ministry sessions throughout the week.

January 1, 2015- The War College announces the name of the incoming session for 2015-2006:  Holy Terror.  This provocative name emerges from 2Corinthians 5:11: "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men."   ...may the session be worthy of the name.

November 25-29, 2004- A crew from The War College participated in the RISE UP conference in Edmonton. This national Intercessors Gathering involved 750 intercessors pressing in to God's heart for Canada's role in healing the nations.

November 26, 2004- Colonels Eleanor and Glen Shepherd (CS) spoke to the Martyrs Session of The War College.

November 15, 2004- International evangelist Winkie Pratney from Australia teaches the Martyrs session.

October 23-29, 2004- Major Kelly Roberts and Captain Charles Roberts (DHQ NYC) teach the Martyrs session for the week.

October 9-12, 2004- The Martyrs road trip to Kelowna for the COME UP HERE worship conference with David Ruis, Rita Springer, and Norm Strauss.

September 28-30, 2004- Warriors Unleashed Conference hosts the Martyrs session, featuring David Demian and Nolan Clark preaching, along with the Wildings and Heather Clark leading worship.

September 13, 2004- The Martyrs Session arrives. 23 Martyrs join 4 remaining Phase 2 Death and Glory warriors for the second year of The War College.

August 20, 2004- TC Commissioner Christine MacMillan speaks at the Death and Glory graduation.

mid August,2004- Captain Robert Marshall (CO Moore Street, Oregon) teaches the session.

August 9,2004- Death and Glory Session returns from summer assignments.

Vancouver Family Services Fellowship
June 14, 2004- Vancouver Family Services is establishing a Scholarship for The War College this coming year, 2004-05.

Part Time training option announced
June 8, 2004- The War College announces a new part-time option starting in the 2004-2015 session.

Martyrs Session
June 5, 2004- The War College christens its second session (04/05) The Martyrs Session.

Booth-Tucker Institute - first session
June 4, 2004- The first session of BTI ends, with delegates attending from United States and Canada.

Death and Glory session classes finish
May 1, 2004- Classes end for Death and Glory session whose students head out to summer placements around North America.

Booth-Tucker Institute
November 15, 2003- The War College announces its new initiative, BTI. The Booth-Tucker Institute will provide a two-week incarnational primer for leaders around the world.  The first course is May 23-June
5, 2004.

Term one concludes
November 14, 2003- Term one concludes.  Term two begins.  For course details see the calendar on this site.

War College Sessional Name - 'Death and Glory'
October 1, 2003- The War College christens its first session of students, Death And Glory. This proud old name flashes back to the heroics of Commissioner Booth-Tucker's Death and glory Shock Troops who fought the Blood and fire combat so nobly in New York some hundred years ago. The dream is that God will re-dig that old well and flow from our bellies springs of supernatural, living Death and Glory, Holy Spirit water to the thirsty world. We die and God gets the glory.

War College First Semester Begins Soon 
September 2003- The War College first semester is scheduled to begin. 

Extension Opportunities possible
August 30, 2003- Part of the vision of The War College is to multiply itself through satellite campuses.  Click here to learn more...

Okanagan Valley Scholarship established
July 30, 2003- The War College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Okanagan Valley Fellowship by Corps in the Okanagan Valley.

Deadline for 2003 Training Year fast approaching
July 1, 2003- This is the deadline for applications for the 2003 training year.

Cariboo Hill Temple Scholarships established
June 24, 2003- Cariboo Hill Temple establishes two scholarships. Visit the Scholarships page for more details.

Horace Gwyn Roberts Scholarship established
June 12, 2003- The War College is happy to announce the establishment of the Horace Gwyn Roberts Memorial Fellowship. He and his wife have left a legacy of saved, and sanctified people from their combined 85 years of active officership, and mentored scores of young people towards Christian service. As parents and grandparents they delighted in their family's Christian expression of living. Colonel Roberts would be thrilled with the concept of The War College. For more details, visit the Scholarships Page.

Klassen Scholarship established
June 11, 2003- The War College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Dave and Em Klassen Fellowship.

Bramwell Tripp Scholarship established
June 4, 2003- The War College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Bramwell Tripp International Fellowship by the soldiers of the Bangor Corps in the Northern New England Division. Celebrating the life and warfare of Commissioner Bramwell Tripp, this scholarship will be awarded to a worthy student from outside North America.

Affiliation with Wagner Leadership Institute
May 12, 2003- The War College officially affiliates with the Wagner Leadership Institute, Canada. This dynamic relationship gains graduates of The War College advanced standing through transfer credits at Wagner Leadership Institute in the various degree programs of WLI.

Scholarship established
April 24, 2003- The War College is pleased to announce the establishment of the New Westminster Fellowship, which celebrates the salvation warfare of the faithful soldiers of the New Westminster Corps of the BC Division in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

2003 - 2004 Course Calendar released
April 21, 2003- The War College is pleased to release the 2003-2004 course calendar.

Faculty additions announced 
April 19, 2003- The War College is pleased to announce the establishment of the New Westminster Fellowship, which celebrates the salvation warfare of the faithful soldiers of the New Westminster Corps of the BC Division in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

April 18, 2003- The War College is pleased to announce the addition of Lieutenant-Colonel Don Copple, DC BC Division, to the faculty.

April 17, 2003- The War College is please to announce the addition of Major Jamie Braund, CO Cariboo Hill, in British Columbia, to the faculty.

April 16, 2003-
The War College is please to announce the addition of General Eva Burrows as visiting faculty member.

April 15, 2003- The War College is pleased to announced the addition of Major Doug Burr, CO of Bangor Corps in Maine, USA, as visiting faculty member.

April 14, 2003- The War College is please to announce the addition of Colonel Earl Robinson, the chair of the International Doctrine Council and International Secretary for Spiritual Life Development, to the faculty of The War College.

Vancouver - 2nd best city to live in the world 
March 4, 2003- Vancouver, host of The War College, is named the second best city in the world in a study ranking quality of life in 215 world cities. The study, from Mercer Human Resource Consulting - a firm with offices in 40 countries - takes into account public safety, political stability, economics, culture, personal freedom, schools, transit and other public services.  

Scholarships established 
Feb. 21, 2003- The Grace Whitlock Dyce Fellowship is established.

Feb. 10, 2003- The David William Waugh Fellowship is established.

War College Establishes Internet Presence 
Feb. 3, 2003 - thewarcollege.com website is launched 

War College Brochure 
January 25, 2003 - Laird Studio has just produced the first War College brochure. This innovative booklet is being disseminated around the world. If you haven't received one, contact your DYS.

War College Adjunct Faculty 
January 15, 2003 - The War College signs up Michael Collins as adjunct faculty for the inaugural session. We're very pleased to be able to unleash the vision and power of this warrior of students. 

War College Staff Faculty 
January 10, 2003 - The War College confirms the staff involvement of Elaine and Ian Gillingham on the faculty. We're thrilled that such mature practitioners of the prophetic and intercession will be investing in War College students. 

War College Establishes Board of Reference 
December 31, 2002 - The War College Board of Reference is officially cast. It consists of an international slate of Christian leaders, who, between them, have written nearly two dozen books, preached in hundreds of countries, and seen scores of thousands saved. Hallelujah. For details, please see the home page. 

War College Birth 
November 15, 2002 - BC South Division (Canada and Bermuda) officially gives birth to The War College, with start date set, September 2003. 


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