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Your information will allow The War College to consider your application.  Space is limited.
The 2006/07 session begins at 12noon on Sunday 10 September, and concludes mid-August 2007.
Students can arrive in the downtown eastside of Vancouver on any of the following dates: Thursday 7 - Saturday 9 September
Tuition is currently set at CAD$5,500; (or US$4,400 for Americans paying with US$). The price is subject to change, but is guaranteed at this rate for applications deposited by Tuesday 28 February.
A ten percent discount applies to all applications with deposits paid by Tuesday 28 February.
Application deadline for non-Canadians: Monday 31 July   (**note - due to Visa requirements, applicants from Africa and the Indian subcontinent should apply before July)
On acceptance, your must confirm your place by sending the following to The War College
  -A non-refundable deposit of CAD$500/USD$400
  -A criminal record check completed within three months
  -A copy of your passport
  -A Canadian student visa
Following the start of the session, cancellations will incur penalties of the non-refundable deposit, plus $500/ month for tuition/ accommodation.

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Please supply three references:

Reference One - your current spiritual leader
(include:  name, email, relationship to you, how long they have known you)

Reference Two
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Reference Three
(include:  name, email, relationship to you, how long they have known you)



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