Academic Integrity at The War College

Here at The War College, we are strict with students neglecting academic integrity but are always ready to help those in need of guidelines or assistance for better workload and success. No instructor will accept the work copied from other students or online but consider it cheating and will have to initiate measures aimed at stopping such a violation of integrity in academia.

In other words, plagiarism and any other type of cheating are never permitted at The War College. The consequences are as follows:

  • fines and expulsion
  • low grades
  • disreputation
  • broken trust between students and instructors
  • demotivation, deterioration of human spirit, and a weakened educational community in general

For students themselves, consequences of academic integrity violation might be not that obvious, but they include a weaker immune system, the atrophy of creative and critical thinking, problems with learning and preparations to tests and exams, and distortion of moral.

At The War College, we recommend students to think twice before giving in to the temptation to cheat. Instead of diminishing themselves and the college as well as negatively impact their honest peers, they might want to collaborate with instructors, ask for advice from peers, get academic writing help from online tutoring resources, and concentrate on better time management as well as corresponding out-of-class activities. Write my paper for me? - No, write it yourself!

The excuses like "everybody cheats" don't work here.

The War College supports students in their academic integrity and is ready to help them manage their workload.

Instructors here are open to giving extensions to students in the need of that. Appointments with TA and supervisors during their office hours are available too. Academic support from the college library and other numerous tutoring services are also here to assist.

Students are more than welcome to collaborate with peers and learn from them. Every student in The War College contributes their unique experience and perspective to the learning process, which helps both instructors and mentees find and practice new approaches to work. Discussions in student communities can contribute a lot to the academic success. Collaborating in a team is fundamental for research skills and cognitive thinking development. Also, it allows our students to face the challenges of the learning process.

Student wellness is essential to academic success, either. Extra pressure and concentration on high grades may lead to both physical and mental health problems, so we understand the role of relaxation and mindfulness in student life. The medical and sports centers at The War College provide students with numerous fitness options as well as stress reduction techniques to take a break from academic focus and restore the energy balance for better learning.

Time management is another skill allowing students to avoid overwhelming with assignments and resist the temptation of violating academic integrity.

It often happens that students don't know how to organize and control time properly. Prioritizing tasks and handling distractions are must-have habits to develop here, as they influence productivity, diminish stress, and allow students to achieve the goals they've set for the learning success.

With all that said, The War College gives a boost to struggling with integrity violation in the academic world. Instructors understand that students may cheat because of the pressure to succeed, because they are bored, or because they learn such a behavioral model from influencers they see around. Some students don't even consider cheating anything wrong, and a part of our mission here is to change that and cultivate academic integrity in our mentees.

Academic dishonesty leads to the unfair advantage of cheaters over honest students, a culture of mistrust, and education devaluation. Without its discontinuation and implanting the right values to young people, we risk to get the generation with the mindset that there's nothing wrong with cheating if one can get away with it.

Caught in academic dishonesty at The War College, students will meet the consequences such as suspension or even expulsion from the college. Penalties are given by instructors or supervisors on a case-by-case basis, so options may also include a failing grade for assignments or classes, terminating participation in projects, writing a letter to a cheater's discipline file, or writing a formal complaint to the committee of discipline that will decide on sanctions.


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