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Since 2005, young people from all over British Columbia (and beyond) have joined The Salvation Army’s The War College in Vancouver to be trained for mission and equipped to be leaders. Youth have the opportunity to learn about missions through community exegesis, evangelism, prayer, worship, art, teaching and missions. Our aim is to raise up leaders who will take what they have learned and apply it within their own contexts, to their own communities. Students come to RAW with an open mind and a willing heart and leave formed into the likeness of Christ and motivated to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God in home towns and communities.

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Please have forms returned on or before March 4th, 2017.
At RAW you will have the opportunity to learn from world renowned speakers, professional musicians and The War College. There is worship, art, mission and ministry, small groups, solid preaching/teaching and a prayer room. God is glorified on the streets and you get to be a part of it.
Larissa Maxwell:

Larissa Maxwell is the Manager of Anti-Human Trafficking Programs for The Salvation Army, and has over 12 years working specifically with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. She leads 5 national anti-human trafficking programs, including The Salvation Army Deborah’s Gate, a high security, wrap around rehabilitative program for survivors of labour and/or sex trafficking, which has been operating since 2009. She is an instructor at the Canadian Police College Human Trafficking Investigator’s Course, and an international speaker who has contributed to action plans and legislation for the protection and restoration of survivors.

Larissa is an accomplished professional artist and leads art therapy with survivors in each of the anti-human trafficking programs. Larissa is passionate about seeing innovative and restorative services developed, created, and coordinated for survivors across Canada to build back human capacity and promote healing from the inside out.

Jenny Hawkinson:

Jenny grew up in the lush mountains of the Pacific Northwest in a small town that few have heard of. She was sure that these mountains and forests were her forever home, until God called her into the city. Since then she has been living, working, making art and following Christ in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. She has a B.A. in Visual Arts and Cross Cultural Religious Studies from Trinity Western University, and a Certificate in Transformational Ministry at the Margins from the People’s Seminary, a school hosted by Tierra Nueva in Burlington, Washington. She is known as ‘Jenny on the block’ by her friends in the neighbourhood; an ode to her consistent presence on the streets. In contrast to J-Lo’s rags to riches story, her life has followed the path of downward mobility; a humbling journey in following Jesus through the dirt and grit.

As an artist, she seeks to create from a place of questioning societal norms and encouraging people toward the hard work of reconciliation. She has been involved in several community art initiatives; including the design of a community mural, arts and justice festivals, and semi-legal guerrilla art projects.

Stephen Bell:

Stephen Bell has been a member of 614 Vancouver since its early years. He has been teaching Biblical Interpretation, Church Worldview and Theology at The War College for over a decade. He lives in the area with his wife Rebecca.

When he’s not teaching or preaching, he can be found in movie theatres, roller derby rinks, gaming rooms, or at Krispy Kreme. Stephen is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary and The Salvation Army College for Officer Training. He is an expert at ministry unit stabilization, but most importantly, he loves the gospel and holds it at the centre of his aspirations.

We have everything you need to help make sure your students have an incredible time. We also want RAW to be refreshing time for you. We will work to make sure we are providing a conference that is enjoyable for both students and leaders. It is beneficial to you and your group for you to join your youth out on the streets during our mission times, however, we also offer a time to have our leaders pour into you and your leadership team.

If you are interested in receiving some personal ministry and being poured into, please indicate this when you register – we will make sure your students are chaperoned accordingly while you receive prayer, healing and words of wisdom by people from our leadership team.

Pastors and Leaders can register a group by emailing our Director of Discipleship, Karah Walker: karah (@) thewarcollege (dot) com.

Individuals under 18 must be registered by a Youth Leader. RAW trusts youth Pastors/Leaders to select those best suited for the conference. There is no minimum or maximum age and a leader of each represented gender is required for your group.

We require at least 1 leader per 10 delegates. You will be joined onsite by our leaders to guide your group through missions, debriefs and small groups. Your group is responsible to pay for those registered prior to arrival though arrangements may be made for last minute delegates.


Costs are tailored for each groups needs. Accommodations and meals are optional.
Only registration is required

$50 before February 10th, $60 thereafter (1 male and 1 female chaperone register free)

Breakfasts are included in the accommodations pricing. If your accommodations are not with us than breakfasts are on your own.
Lunch: $10/delegate
Dinner: On your own

$10/delegate (includes breakfast)

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