Aaron White gives leadership to 614 Vancouver ministries, which includes the Anchor of Hope Corps and The War College. He has co-authored two books: Revolution and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Kingdom of God (originally published as Futurize), and has contributed to many other books and magazines. He also leads the 24-7 Prayer Canada team, and speaks around the world on issues of prayer, mission, justice and incarnational living. He is completing a Masters Degree in Theology through Tyndale Seminary. Aaron teaches a course on Kingdom of God Ethics at The War College.


Stephen Bell is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary and The Salvation Army College for Officer Training and has been a member of 614 Vancouver since its early years. He has been teaching Biblical Interpretation, Church Worldview and Theology at The War College for over a decade.  He lives in the area with his wife Rebecca. When he’s not teaching or preaching, he can be found in movie theatres, roller derby rinks, gaming rooms, or at Krispy Kreme. He has lots of education and is an expert at ministry unit stabilization, but most importantly, he loves the gospel and holds it at the center of his aspirations.


Jordan has a degree in intercultural studies and a diploma in biblical studies for Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC. He was the first intercultural studies student ever to do his internship in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. Seven years later, Jordan and his wife are still living, working, and raising their young family in the neighbourhood. Jordan is passionate about people. He believes that the better we understand God, the better we can understand ourselves. Through study, prayer, and conversations, we constantly seek to grow closer to God and to one another. Jordan’s teaching style is organic, engaging, and relational. He teaches Spiritual Disciplines, Jesus in Film, and Communal Living.


Cherie leads the charge of love with League of Mercy. Abundant in a revolutionary type of enthusiasm, Cherie challenges students to spend their lives loving the fatherless and oppressed. As a spirit-lead discipler full of compassion and conviction, and also a particularly gifted watercolour artist, Cherie brings a creative fervour and counter-cultural optimism to The War College setting, all while dreaming and believing in a better world.